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I am blessed with God-given gifts I am proud of and are part of who I am. But one thing I have mastered on my own is the gift of making excuses. This is not a skill I am proud of.

How many times do you start a project and don’t finish it?

How many times do you complain about something not being right in your world and yet you do nothing to change it?

If you are like me, your answers to these questions may make you cringe because when you are honest with yourself, it is not good. If this resonates with you, I am here to tell you, you are not alone!

There are things in my world I can tackle and complete with ease. I love these tasks and/or projects. They make me feel good because I have accomplished something I set out to do.

But, on the other hand, there are other things I start and never finish. As well as, there are things that take FOREVER to start because I cannot ‘get in the right frame of mind’ to even begin. When I look back at any of these situations, the Master of Excuses in me is shining bright.

Why do we do this? I say ‘we’ assuming I am not alone. Why is it so easy to make excuses and talk ourselves out of doing something we know is right and/or that will make us feel good to complete?

During a meeting earlier this week where there was a discussion about a woman with a wonderful vision and she saw it come true even though many doubted her vision. She envisioned a school being built in a foreign country, and as this story was told, I felt such inspiration. The kind that gives you goosebump and makes you feel you can conquer the world.

She did not make excuses for why it couldn’t happen, nor did she let the excuses of others sway her. She stayed strong on her mission to do all she could to see this through. She did not let her excuses cloud her faith.

You know the kind of ideas I am talking about. The ones you feel in every fiber of your being? The ideas that make you feel like you can move mountains. Of course, you think about the mountain and questions ‘do I have the strength?’ And then the Master of Excuses appears!

Early this year I envisioned writing a book. I know the title and the chapters. I framed an outline of the book and hung it by my door to keep the vision fresh. I think about it often, but yet I still have not pulled things together to start the project. I have parts and pieces, but I am not where I should be on the project.

I have many ideas/projects I feel I should do in my life. My problem is, I let excuses get in my way. These excuses drowned the faith I have in the ideas/projects I am passionate about.

It is time to stop making excuses! It is time to let your faith shine! It is time to make that one small right move in the direction you know you need to go. Start your project, call your friend, sign up for the class, start writing your book, take the first steps in the right direction.

iChoose Faith to shine in my life. No more excuses. I’m writing my book! What is your next move?

Sending peace, love and joy to you my friend. Sam

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