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Meet Sam

Relationship Coach for Woman

I am Sam_graphic.png

I am Sam, a dedicated beacon of hope and transformation. As a Relationship Coach, my mission is to guide and uplift women navigating the intricate path of rebuilding after divorce or loss. I've weathered my own storms, descending to the depths of life's challenges. And then to ascend to a place of profound peace, boundless love, and unfettered joy.

Life's trials have etched their stories upon my heart. I've struggled with the diverse range of emotions that accompany such challenges and shattered dreams. But amidst the chaos, I found my way—unearthing pearls of wisdom and insights that now I hold outstretched to you. I understand intimately the feelings that swirl within, and the struggle to weave together the tapestry of a life unanticipated.

My journey has gifted me lessons that pulse with authenticity and empathy. Each twist, each turn, has chiseled me into who I am today—a fierce advocate of tranquility, love, and boundless joy. The years have been a river of growth, carving out in me a wellspring of knowledge. And my heart is eager to share the invaluable gifts of serenity and happiness with kindred souls.

Though my past 25+ years in the hallowed halls of Corporate America, a new calling has awakened within me. A yearning to invest in the radiant souls of humanity. My compass now points resolutely towards kindling positive transformations. It's an endeavor that lights a fire within me, a fire that dances with the stories of countless lives I aspire to touch.

I have studied and completed my certifications from Health Coach Institute and the transformative power of PSYCH-K®. 

Come, let our paths intersect in  your journey. Allow me to stand by your side as you unearth the treasure trove of your true self and rekindle a love affair with your life. Together, we will orchestrate a symphony of renewal, crafting a future that resonates with your true desires.

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