As she drove down the highway with her teenage daughter sleeping in the passenger seat, tears stream down her cheeks. She cried in silence wondering how it got to this point. She thought things would have been different this time, but the fact she was driving alone on their trip, was a sure sign that something was wrong.

She replayed the morning‘ events over and over in her mind. The morning to leave for vacation. She was stressed with the planning, stressed about the drive, stressed over the hope that everyone would have fun and she snapped at her spouse. A scenario that many have experienced. But she did not understand his reaction.

As she and her daughter loaded their bags in the car, she told her daughter “no, he’s not going with us.” Her daughter could see her hurt and didn’t say another word.

As she drove for hours, trying to make sense of how they got to this point. Her hope for the vacation was to bond and reconnect, but that would not happen.

She always believed things happen for a reason. Some things don’t make sense, but she would put her trust in God that things would work out for the best. But her thoughts kept circling around “What if this is just another of my mistakes that God has to fix.”