I was watching the news the other night, and I had an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. Watching the death toll, the new case numbers, the political unrest, hearing stories of our heroes who are getting infected and the heartache they feel when a patient is lost. It became very overwhelming to me and I felt helpless!

Later, talking to a friend, I could put things back into perspective. I realize COVID-19 is not something I can control, but I can control how I react to it. I am not helpless. I can do my part.

  • I am not helpless because I can social distance and wear a mask when I go out of the house in hopes to help from spreading germs.

  • I am not helpless because I can volunteer at a food pantry and help distribute food to others in need.

  • I am not helpless because I can call and check on friends and family daily and shop for them if needed.

  • I am not helpless because I can try to do something daily to inspire hope in others.

  • I am not helpless because I can pray for those who suffer from the illness or for those who have lost a loved one.

  • I am not helpless if I focus on being a light in the darkness.

I encourage you to fight the feelings of helplessness or of the overwhelm of the situation and do your par