She was young and innocent, getting ready to start high school. She and two of her friends were having a sleepover at their house to celebrate the start of the next chapter of their lives.

The evening went well. The girls planned to sleep in the backyard in a tent. Her friend lived in a safe neighborhood. The friend’s dad was very nice, attentive, and supportive of the girl’s plan and helped them get things set up.

Although everything was working as planned, the bugs, night time sounds, and the fear of what might move in the dark caused the girls to change their minds and move the sleepover inside.

They had a great night laughing, talking about boys, staying up way too late and falling asleep in the makeshift beds they made on the floor of her friend’s bedroom. What happened next changed this fun-loving memory forever.

In the morning, she was woken early by her friend’s dad. Although she wanted to sleep like the other girls, and was hoping the daughter would wake and tell her dad to go away like teenage girls do, this did not happen. He convinced her to get up to make breakfast for the other girls.