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That’s right. I said yes to the dress!

The reason I wanted to share is throughout my life I have talked myself out of many things because of shame. Stating I wasn’t worthy, or it made little sense for me because I didn’t do things in perfect order in my life (i.e. date, marriage, kids, etc.).

I have been married twice and talked myself out of wearing a wedding dress each time because I did not feel it was right for someone like me. But when October rolls around, at age 51, I will wear my first wedding dress.

I have seen it many times in my life, as well as the lives of family and friends. We let shame talk us out of doing something we want in our heart.

Shame of questionable choices in our lives or shame of where we have come from, what we were born into, or shame of not knowing the answers. Shame can keep us playing small in our lives; hiding.

Our society today wants us to be strong and flawless. Even during an interview, we are trained to spin your weaknesses or areas of improvement into something positive by taking a strength and saying you do it too well. [ha]

What happened to being vulnerable? Admitting you have an area that is not a strong suit. There’s nothing wrong with that! We all have our gifts and talents and it takes all of us to make this world work. You may have a strength in one area, but the person next to you may have a different strength that together you can move mountains.

Conquering the world with an army is a lot easier than trying it alone.

Set shame aside and be vulnerable. Work through the shame stories in your life and let them go. This will open the door to new opportunities and growth.

And maybe even a new dress…

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