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When I saw this picture for the first time, I fell in love with Her!

The beauty of this sculpture says so much. To me, she looks content, but broken. She is vulnerable with her chest open and letting her cracks show as she stands tall.

The sculpture is by an artist named Daniel Popper (@danielpopper). And I recently had the opportunity to visit Fort Lauderdale, Florida and one of his statues.

Seeing Her in person took my breath away.

I feel a connection to Her. In my past, I have felt broken. I’ve felt vulnerable, like my heart was exposed.

But I have also found contentment and peace with who I am… past and present. Peace in knowing my brokenness can heal to scars. Peace and knowing it is safe to be vulnerable with the right people.

Just like a tigress is beautiful with her stripes, we are all uniquely beautiful with our scars. Our scars represent that we have lived and survived. Our scars tell a story of hope.

Don’t hide your scars or the brokenness you feel. Share it with others. There is much healing in sharing.

Stand tall in who you are and what you’ve overcome. Own your unique beauty with your scars!

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