I have a confession... I am a Walking Dead fan! I got hooked on the show during season two. A friend mentioned how good it was and I decided to waste a day binge watching it on Netflix. I got hooked. From then on it became a family event. Sunday evenings my kids, which were teenagers, and I would sit together and watch The Walking Dead. Our family time centered around zombies… I know, I know, kind of crazy, but I loved our time together.

Recently, one of the main characters, Carl Grimes, died. (Yes, I cried the whole episode. Loved that kid.) Carl’s dying wish was to find peace with all the communities and for them to live together, build a safe haven for all. In other words, to stop seeing other humans as objects and start treating them like people. This is an internal battle each character has gone through at some point in time on this show.

Even though we do not have zombies in our world, I still feel we struggle with the same dilemma. Whether we treat someone like a human or as an object.

Do you have someone in your life that you just don’t like? Someone who irritates you just when you hear their name. We get to a point with these people where we see them as objects. Someone who is not human, does not have feelings, does not deserve kind words, does not deserve the time of day. Do you have anyone in your life you treat this way?

Have you ever stopped to understand this person and their world? Do you know what is happening with them personally? Are they struggling a sick parent or friend or an illness in themselves? Are they struggling with overwhelming financial debt? Are