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I’d love to start by wishing everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I hope your holiday is filled with fun and laughter. And if that is what you are expecting, please stop here… but if yours will be more of a struggle, please read on…

The holidays can be stressful and if you are struggling in life, it can be even more difficult. Difficult times in life can come up during the holiday season. If you are going through a tough time, I ask that you show yourself grace and kindness this season..

If you know the day will be difficult to handle, for whatever reason, do something extra to help yourself make it through. For example, find something that can relax you and start your day with that. Maybe it is music, meditation, a funny video, an inspirational blog, or someone you will be around that lifts your spirits.

Do something special for you. Even if that means letting someone help so you can find the time or maybe not doing EVERYTHING like you usually do and giving yourself permission to let a few things slide.

Next, focus on gratitude. Remind yourself of the good in life. Sometimes that can be hard, but start with simple things like the blue sky and sunshine, kids are healthy, your pet(s) love you, family is getting together, you have good people in your life; you have a home, or maybe you’re getting a fresh start. Look at your life and find the good. Sometimes you may have to be creative, but as you start, things will flow.

Gratitude invites positivity!

Remind yourself, whatever you are going through is temporary and things will get better. Try to find something positive at every step and focus on that. It doesn’t mean we are running away from our troubles, it just means we don’t want them to be our whole focus.

Each of us has to deal with our struggles in life, but it is important to note the positives in our lives, especially during the tough times.

Learn from what is troubling you and look towards something good. Find your happy during this season… show yourself grace and kindness. This too shall pass.

Sending you peace, love and joy, my friend


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