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Healing is part of life’s journey. It is not a one and done thing in our life. Healing is processing the different situations that arise during the chapters of our journey.

  • Childhood

  • Young adult

  • Relationships

  • Family / Friends Events

  • Work

Every area of our lives has the potential to hurt us, whether it is intentional to hurt us or not. As well as we, as humans, will hurt other people. Even if we don’t intend to. Our job is to sort through all the hurt and trauma, learn what we can from the situation or event, and release the rest, so we no longer carry that baggage.

If you’re holding onto hurt or trauma in your life, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why did this hurt me?

  • Was it meant to hurt me?

  • Is the other person suffering the same as I am?

  • Who would I be if I let this go?

  • What is this hurt or trauma holding me back from my life?

Once you have more clarity about that hurt or trauma, it’s time to start releasing it. Sometimes we just have to open our hearts to be open to releasing it or letting it go.

Start by saying, “I am ready to let this go. I am ready to forgive and move on.“

That statement may not feel right in the beginning, but as you say it each day, it will feel more real. This will prepare your heart to open so you are able to work toward releasing it. It sounds easy, but the journey can take a bit, so show yourself grace during this process.

And if you feel you need help, a simple prayer may help… ask God to put the right person in your path to help you process healing.

The first step is to be willing to let it go. Are you willing?

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