From time to time, ask those you love, “How can I love you more?” Enduring loving relationships will brighten your life. -- Louise Hay

I love this quote. <3

We need to slow down and love more in our lives, at least I know I did. In this day and age, we hear more and more how ‘fast paced’ we are. Everything is at our fingertips; if you don’t know, Google it, we don’t have to wait, just do it now.

When was the last time you just stopped to look into someone’s eyes and have a conversation? No cell phone in hand, no TV, no computer; just a one-on-one conversation.

I bumped into an older gentleman a few weeks ago. He was drunk, could barely stand, he may have been homeless, and he said he was a Vietnam veteran (he was about the right age) but who know. I had never seen this man before, and in most cases, I don’t get that close to strangers, but we were in a line and I didn’t realize his situation until I was right there.