Have you ever met someone who was so upbeat and kind that you wanted to stay with them; the sight of them made you smile. I met one of those people yesterday.

I took my step-dad to the hospital for a stent procedure, the first of two that he will have. When we signed him in they asked “Have you been here before?.” My dad replied yes, but it had been many years ago and the gentleman behind the desk said, “well, then you know Jim. He’ll be out to get you soon.”

As we walked away from the desk, I kept thinking, Jim who? And how would he remember, it had been years. Seemed like a silly comment to me… but then we met Jim!

Jim started working in the hospital in 1979 and now holds the position of Cath Lab’s Chief Comforter (a position they created for him). Jim is a very kind and upbeat man, he goes out of his way to try to relax the patient and the families through laughter and his infectious smile. He comes out to talk with you, kneels on the floor in front of you, and explains everything he can in as much detail as possible. When he takes the patient back into the room to get ready for the procedure, he hands the family a business card with his cell number on it and encourages the family to call with any questions; and he truly means it.

As the day went on, he joked with my sister and I and had us almost