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Each day I write a mental ‘To Do’ list with items that I wish to/need to accomplish for that day. This may be something for myself, for work, for my children, for my family, or friends.

Have you run into a time where there is way too much on your plate to handle it all? Are you good with prioritizing as to what is most important for you to focus on and what can be set aside for time?

Do you make yourself feel guilty when you can’t get it all done?

I am at the tail-end of a crazy time in my life. A lot of big changes, all good, but still a lot of change. And with a big change, if you are like me, the self-doubt, the self criticism, the anxiety of change, and the ‘am I worthy’ chatter starts in my head.

I had many things happening at once. Even though I know I was making the right decisions, and focusing on the items that needed my attention most, it was still a daily challenge to not feel guilty for not handling everything.

Also, I enjoy helping others, taking care of others, and doing things for others. When my life got too busy, and I had to cut this out, focus on my needs, and I felt guilty for that.

I had to continue to remind myself that I was making the right choice and doing the right things. I spent time praying that God would show me signs or provide affirmations that I was headed in the right direction.

I received many! Some were not what I wanted, but it stopped me from a bad choice. Some were very subtle, and it took me a bit to realize, and some were bold and totally awesome!

I do know not everything is a sign, but I do try to pay attention to the small stuff and really appreciate all that life has to offer even when life is nuts.

Over this past month, I got caught up in a lot, but the more I tried to Let Go and Let God, the easier things became. Did I make all perfect decisions, probably not. Did I handle everything great and not get stressed at all, absolutely not! Did I keep reminding myself that I will be good and God is in control? Yes, every single day!

We are human and our lives will never be perfect. But I have found peace in counting my blessings, doing my best, and trusting that God will guide me and take care of me.

I encourage each of you to do the same. Even when life gets so crazy that you don’t feel you have time to breathe, take a moment, be present in your day, appreciate even something small, and know you are not alone.

Sometimes, in the smallest moment, you can feel the greatest peace that he provides. Open your eyes to see what is all around you and find the peace in your crazy world.

Sending peace, love, and joy to you my friend. Sam

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