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I want to encourage you, no matter what you’re going through, to do your best to stay positive. Even during times in our lives where everything seems to just be piling on, it is important for each of us to find our place of peace.

This place of peace needs to be something that reminds you that everything will be okay. If we are going through trials, it will be okay. If we are going through financial struggles, it will be okay. If we are going through relationship issues, it will be okay.

One of my favorite phrases is ‘It’s all good.’ I try to live by this. Trying to find the positive, hope, and promise that God‘s got this, is what I try to live by. If we turn our worry into prayer and trust in him, it will be okay.

And even though I know this, I believe this with all my heart, I find times where I forget. I would love to say my rose-colored glasses never get fogged up, but that would not be true. I have times where I struggle, I let in the old fears of self-worth, self-doubt, fear of the future, fear of financial freedom, and the fear of feeling important or being seen.

When I have times I struggle, it is typically because I have gotten out of my routine of taking care of myself. I go back to the basics or the beginning. I write down what I am thankful for, I listen to music that brings me peace, I write my thoughts in my journal, I listen or read books that inspire me, and I may even listen to a past sermon that resonated with me. The key is bringing yourself back to peace.

Once you have entered that place of peace, it is important to be aware of what fears are holding you down. Be aware of what is happening in your life that is causing you trouble and try to make peace with that. We can’t control what is happening around us, but we can control ourselves, this is where you need to focus your energy.

If you find yourself struggling in a negative place, you first need to recognize where you are and forgive yourself for being there. Then find your routine to get back to peace. If you can’t do this by yourself, then seek the help you need through friends, family or therapy. You know you and do what helps you. Once you have found peace, run through your ‘I am’ statements.

  • I am safe

  • I am secure

  • I am strong

  • I am loved

  • I am worthy

Repeat these as many times as you need or write them down if that helps. Say them until you know they are true.

Your next step will be to try to understand how you got to that place and work to let go of the fear that crept in. Be specific with your thoughts and feelings, don’t just brush them aside. It is best to deal with everything as it comes up so it won’t repeat itself later. It may take a few cycles to completely let something go, but if you commit to trying to let go, the time spent will be well worth it. As well as, the more you move through your fear stories, the easier it will be to pull yourself out of the negative space when you find yourself there.

I encourage you to always stay strong, know you are loved, know you are not alone, and believe in the beautiful person God created you to be. He wants us to be happy, to love and live in peace, let's do our part to claim the gift he has given us.

Sending peace, love, and joy to you my friend. Sam

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