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As I work with people, a common theme is, “Is it safe for me to heal?”

That sounds like it should be a simple answer. We all want to heal and be free to live a good and healthy life.

But for some, it means…

  • Giving up a piece of who they are

  • Becoming vulnerable

  • Forgiving someone for hurting them

  • Letting go of the only story they have known about themselves.

For some people, healing can be scary… and maybe even more scary than the original hurt.

Going through life, we each create and craft our story of who we are based on life experiences and our heritage. The region you live in may be part of your story, or the income level of your home, or the relationship you had with your parents or siblings, or maybe someone hurt you during childhood or as an adult. We create our story based on our life experiences.

Our story can have many twists and turns, but our story expresses our vision of self.

Maybe your story includes…

  • Money is hard to get or I never have enough [Did you grow up in a home where money was scarce?]

  • I have issues committing to a relationship [Did your parents have a rough marriage or were unstable in relationships?]

  • I can’t let my guard down to love and trust someone [Were you abused during your childhood or in past relationships?]

We hold on to old situations or past drama to define our lives; our story. And if you heal a part of our story and let it go… who will you be then?

It can be an incredible journey to untangle your past to see which stories you want to let go of to free yourself to create something new.

I used to hang onto my stories like a security blanket - the good, the bad, and the ugly - and I was afraid to let go of the latter two. Who would I be without them? But I am here to tell you, once I started untangling and letting go, the freedom and joy I found in my life has been amazing.

Take that step! Find your path to heal the hurts or negative stories in your life. It is safe to let go of the bad and the ugly stories and open space to create something new and beautiful.

Sending you peace, love, and joy, my friend.


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