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For those who don’t know me personally, I recently took a leap of faith. I left my secure job of 18 years to become a full-time Health and Life Coach!

This was a huge step for me. And looking back, it even surprises me that I did it. I would have never imagined I would have taken a step this big.

I am at a point in time in my life that I want to help other humans. I want to help people let go of their past so it doesn’t clutter their now or their future. I want to help people grow and be inspired. I want to help people find their passion within and live it.

This has been an amazing journey to get to this point. At times, it feels a little scary. But I try not to let that distract me.

I know in my heart and soul that I can do this; I was made for this.. I know that I can help others the same way I’ve been helping my current clients. And I love this new chapter!

I’ve heard people say if you spend your life doing your passion, it doesn’t feel like work. This is the first time in my life that I agree with that comment.

I have stepped out in faith to do work I know God has called me to do. I encourage anyone who has a passion, who has that feeling in their heart, who has that dream of something they have wanted to do all of their life. I encourage you to take that leap. Find your path and start moving.

Something I have learned over all my years is there are so many opportunities out there. If you look, you will find. Or maybe what you need to find is how to create something that doesn’t exist yet. Trust your instincts and follow that dream. I chose faith and followed mine.

If you could use help to find your way, chat with me through my website and start taking your next steps.

Sending you peace, love, and joy, my friend. Sam

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