She sat in a chair, in her own home, a place that is supposed to be filled with love, comfort, and peace. Her home that is supposed to be a place where she feels safe and loved, but that day it was not the case.

She sits quietly, looking in his eyes while he speaks. She can see the anger and frustration within him, as well as, smell the alcohol on his breath as he gets close to make sure she hears every hateful word that comes out of his mouth.

The words that are directed towards her are in reference to how he feels about her at that moment. The names that he is calling her, no one should ever say to another. He is angry and his goal is to hurt her as much as he can with every word. He is in the mood to fight and wants her to be the opponent.

Some feel she is weak as she just sits and listens. Some feel she has to have ‘courage’ to fight back. But yet, she just sits and listens, not uttering a word. And when the storm passes, she cries silently, away from him, not letting him know how much it hurt.

Why? Because she is strong. Because she has the courage to stand her ground for what she feels is right. Because she does not want him to change who she is or what she believes.