We often talk about happiness. Did you know helping others can improve your happiness level?

Who doesn’t want to increase their happiness level?

As we go through our very busy lives, it can be difficult to pause from what is happening in our world and focus on someone else. One of the greatest gifts we have in this world to help us through the good and bad times is each other.

What do you feel qualifies as helping someone else? Money? Hours of time? A long-term commitment?

There are many things you can do to help someone else. Doing it out of kindness and not obligation will help your happiness level improve. I am not talking about the day-to-day stuff we do for people such as a mom caring for your children or a child caring for your parents or something at work that is part of your job description. Although these can be positive things to elevate your happiness, I am talking about the extra acts of kindness.

Have you ever paid for someone’s food at a drive-through window? Do you hold the door for other people? Do you compliment the cashier for their hair or smile, or if they aren’t smiling, what is