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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking in a women's networking group called the On Purpose Woman Global Community. Below is information about the group and my talk. It is about 22 minutes - if you have time to listen, I’d love to hear your feedback.


Relationship Coach, Author, and Speaker Samantha Tishner speaks on "Heal First – Love Second" at the Connections Over Coffee gathering of the On Purpose Woman Global Community.

When you love yourself first, your life gets easier and more peaceful. Relationships improve. Making decisions that honor your values, needs, and wants become simple. You’re able to create a life that YOU love!

In this presentation with Samantha Tishner, you’ll:

  • Learn 3 simple steps to change your relationship with yourself for the rest of your life.

  • Discover several ways to respect yourself so that no one leaves you feeling unseen, unheard, or unloved again.

  • Experience one simple tool to overcome negative self-talk or self-criticism.

Samantha Tishner, known to most as Sam, helps women develop a healthy and loving relationship with themselves. She teaches women to know, like, and trust themselves through RESPECT and to create the life and relationships they desire. To learn more, visit

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