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Did you know FEAR is a teacher?

When we think of fear, we typically see it as a negative and NOT something that is trying to help us.

Fear is actually our brains' response to keep us safe. It triggers when we are going into unchartered territory or danger?

Lean in and understand the fear. What is it trying to teach you?

  • Are you making a bad decision, and fear is trying to warn you of danger?

  • Are you getting ready to do something new that is unfamiliar, and fear is a little nervous about the journey?

  • Are you forced into a change that you don’t really want, and you’re not sure where to go, and fear is just trying to support you?

Developing the awareness of what fear is trying to teach you.

As well as, understanding when it is appropriate to step through the fear!

Get clear on your fear! And if the timing is right, move forward, take your fear on that new journey with you.

Don’t let it hold you back, instead take that first step through it!

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