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My past may have molded me, but it does not define me!

Can you agree with that statement? Is this true for your life?

Many women that I have worked with struggle with this… Just as I did. Do you let mistakes or miss judgments in your past define who you are today? Do you struggle with letting go of who you used to be or things you may have done so that you can live freely today?

For me, this was a major struggle. Whether somebody else reminded me or I held on to my own errors or failures, I let them define my life in the past. I used to I was not worthy because of what I had done.

But that is not a way to live life! We are all imperfect humans! Each of us makes our mistakes in life. But the goal is to take what you need from them, let them go, and choose again.

Forgiving yourself or others for what was done in your past is vital to healing and letting go. Set yourself free so you can live in the present!

If this is something you struggle with, let me know []. Reach out for help so you can create and live the life you desire.

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