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Fear hides itself in many areas of our lives. It will fuel the worry about ourselves, our future, and our loved ones. It will fuel the anxiety we feel when we are facing change in our lives, trying new things. or for some, meeting new people.

Fear is something that sneaks into our lives and can take over in a heartbeat if you let it.

I read something the other day that caught my attention. With F.E.A.R., you have two choices.

  1. Forget Everything And Run

  2. Face Everything And RISE

In every area of our lives we have a choice. We can decide if we let fear cripple us or hold us back or affect the outcome of good possibilities.

If you have fear about a move, remind yourself throughout the day you are where you need to be and everything will be fine.

If you have fear when meeting new people, remind yourself you are worthy of love, you are worthy of friendship, you are worthy of new relationships, and be open to those you meet.

At times I have heard people say I am just like my mother or I am just like my father. As if that is a reason to hide behind fear. We all have the choice to run and hide or RISE and HEAL.

God has given each of us all we need to work through the scenarios of our lives. As you go through difficult times, remind yourself over and over that God has given you what you need. The strength to cope. The wisdom to find the right path. He is with you and will walk you through.

I used to be very quiet and shy. I did not stand up for myself nor did I know how. But as time has gone, God has shown me I have a lot of strength within, I have the wisdom to find the right path, and he has never left me alone. Even during times I thought he had, when I look back, he was there.

From this day forward, don’t run and hide. Don’t let the evil in this world trap you in the dark. Face the fear. Remind yourself God has your back. Rise up, heal from your hurt and set it aside. Find your love and light.

Choose to FACE EVERYTHING AND RISE! Your fear will slowly disappear and the hold it has on you will be released.

Sending peace, love and joy to you my friend! Sam

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