For her, Christmas is a time of stress and disappointment. She planned months in advance. She pays attention throughout the year to make sure she is listening and will find the right gift. Then she wraps them in beautiful Christmas paper and big bows and displays them under the tree. She spends hours and she has worked alone and all the pressure is on her shoulders.

Christmas morning comes and she is excited to see the joy from her family. The gifts are unwrapped in record time and she barely got to see the reactions. Her daughter is excited about her jeans, but when she tries them on, they don’t fit right. Or her son comments he already has that game and she feels his disappointment.

There’s one last hope, as she turns to her spouse as he opens the gift. She has put a lot of thought into it, he is hard to buy for, but she feels he will be excited. She waits with anticipation as he opens the gift, he smiles and says thank you, but she was hoping for something more.

Another Christmas, she questions herself whether she has failed. All her hard work has gone unnoticed and what she enjoys the most at Christmas, seeing the excitement from her family, did not happen.

Hey, I’ve been there. Feeling deflated because you wanted so much to