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I was speaking with a client the other day, and she was sharing about a new relationship in her life. She was very excited about certain things and nervous about others.

I asked her… Does he check the boxes?

I have heard some people say you should not have a list for your ideal mate because no one is perfect. I do believe none of us are perfect.

I also believe that a list is important because if you can’t define what you want, how will you know if you have found it.

The list I am speaking of is the list of non-negotiables. For me, I had some of the following on my list.

  • Family man

  • A man who loves God

  • A man who goes to church

  • Has a strong soul and a gentle heart

  • Is genuine and trust worthy

  • Is reliable / dependable

  • Supportive and listens

  • Loves to travel

  • Sociable / good around people

I created this list after my coach asked me what I was looking for in a relationship. At the time I was unclear and did not know how to define it. I learned how to be clear on what I wanted. And by doing this, it made it easier to find.

I did not waste time on relationships that did not align with my list. I started trusting my intuition to know if it was right and that felt amazing!

So I ask you, do you have the boxes? This can be for any area of your life. If you cannot define what you are looking for, how will you know if you have found it?

If you are struggling with defining what you want in life, reach out to me through the contact link and let’s see if we can work together to make this happen for you!

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