I believe that our life experiences make us who we are. They mold us and guide us in how we deal with our lives and what life presents to us. It is important for us to learn from our past, but it is even more important to see our present as a new beginning.

How often do you carry something negative from your past with you as if it belongs to you? As if it is a part of you; as if you are meant to carry it and be reminded of it.

Maybe this is a negative feeling about someone or something they did to you or a loved one. Or how many times have you said ‘it has always been that way’ or ‘this stuff always happens to me’ or do you ever tell yourself it is just not meant for you? All of this is bull!

We are on this earth to learn, evolve, and to love and care for each other. In order to do this, we need to let go of the fear and all the negative energy so we can life happy. Easier said than done, I know. This is something that I struggle with often, but I promise you, if you work to change your mindset, it becomes easier and easier to let go.

Did you know your thoughts about a situation can affect the outcome? If you feel that good never happens to you, and this is something that you focus on, then you are creating a pattern for your mind to not see any of the good that happens to you. And the more you invite in the negative, the more negative things become.