I feel like my life is nothing but choices and change. I start feeling settled and then something new comes up. Some things are out of my control, and other things, it’s my choice to change.

Change can be scary and we all deal with it in different ways. I feel I roll with change in most cases. I go through stages of uncertainty and worry, but try to find the good and move forward with trust and faith that it will all work out. Things happen for a reason is my thought process.

But there are times, when I am in control of change, that self-doubt comes in and takes control of my mind. I have made choices in my past that has not turned out great. So when I am in a time to make a decision, I tend to question myself instead of just trusting myself.

The voice inside my head reminds me of the decisions I have made that has not turned out the best. Should you invest in XYZ? Should you move or buy a house? Should you switch jobs? Can I trust my heart?

My mind shouts, how did it turn out in the past? Maybe you are not thinking straight. Maybe you shouldn’t take that risk. Maybe you are not smart enough to do that. Maybe you should guard your heart.