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I feel like my life is nothing but choices and change. I start feeling settled and then something new comes up. Some things are out of my control, and other things, it’s my choice to change.

Change can be scary and we all deal with it in different ways. I feel I roll with change in most cases. I go through stages of uncertainty and worry, but try to find the good and move forward with trust and faith that it will all work out. Things happen for a reason is my thought process.

But there are times, when I am in control of change, that self-doubt comes in and takes control of my mind. I have made choices in my past that has not turned out great. So when I am in a time to make a decision, I tend to question myself instead of just trusting myself.

The voice inside my head reminds me of the decisions I have made that has not turned out the best. Should you invest in XYZ? Should you move or buy a house? Should you switch jobs? Can I trust my heart?

My mind shouts, how did it turn out in the past? Maybe you are not thinking straight. Maybe you shouldn’t take that risk. Maybe you are not smart enough to do that. Maybe you should guard your heart.

It can be difficult to ignore these thoughts. It can seem easier to believe those stories of you are not worthy or you are not smart enough or you just can’t be trusted.

I know I’ve battled with this throughout my life. Whether it stems from someone judging me from my past or me judging myself from my mistakes. Either way, we have to fight it. We need to change our story in our mind and know that if we trust in God’s guidance; we are good.

To follow are a few things I do to help stop the negative chatter in my head.

  • ACKNOWLEDGE & FORGIVE — Acknowledge the thought and forgive yourself for having it. I have been known to talk to myself and say out loud, “No, that is not right. I am good. I am where I need to be.” Now, I try to do this subtly so people don’t think I am weird, but nonetheless, I still do it. [ha]

  • FORGIVE YOUR PAST — I have made some bad choices in my past. It is important to forgive yourself for those. “Yes, that choice wasn’t the best, but I have learned from my mistakes and will move forward.” We are all human and none of us are perfect. Let go of the past and move forward to the best of your ability.

  • PRAY — The best for last. Or sometimes this may end up being the last thing I do because I get stuck in my head too much. Praying for guidance should always be the first thing on my list. Eventually I get to this, but my stubborn mind might take the long way around. Praying for God’s guidance is key.

I challenge you to change your story. You are not everything that has happened in your past. You have a bright, beautiful mind capable of seeing all the beauty you have within. Don’t let the self-doubt or judgement stop you from making a good choice in your life. Trust in God’s guidance and have faith in him to move you to where you need to be.

We are not in this alone! Nor can we do this life alone. Open your heart and mind to what God has in store for you. If the choice you are trying to make keeps getting blocked, then it may not be the right choice or may not be the right timing. Trust God to lead you to the right place and at the right time.

Sending peace, love and joy to you my friend. Sam

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