There is a movie I love called ‘Begin Again.’ It was released in 2013 starring Keira Knightley (Gretta), Adam Levine (Dave), and Mark Ruffalo (Dan). My interpretation of the movie is a little different from how they describe it in the movie blurb. I feel it is a journey of two individuals starting over. Two individuals who got lost in the shuffle. Two individuals who lost sight of who they are. (By the way, I love the music in this film. It is awesome.)

Gretta and Dan both had lost sight of their greatness. They had lost themselves in the shuffle of life. They let self-doubt, fear, and their feeling of hopelessness consume them and they both ended up in a very bad place in their lives. Through the movie, you see them start to believe in themselves again, and by the end, of course everything is great. Sometimes I wish life was that easy to be able to turn it all around in a two hour timeframe.

The good thing is, we do have the option to change within each of us. Each day, each hour, each minute, we have the opportunity to begin again. Every day, every hour, every minute, we make the choice to think the way or see things the way we do. We have the choice to begin again. This realization and new practice in my life has changed many things for me. It is not always easy, but well worth the effort.

In every situation, you have the choice to view it how you want. Even if you are not in control of what is actually happening, you have the choice to control how you feel about it. If you are not shown appreciation from others for what you’ve done in your life, you have the choice to show appreciation to yourself. You have the choice to change your thoughts and view the situation differently.