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I am a smart cookie. Do I know everything? Absolutely not! But I am constantly learning every day and am not afraid to take on a challenge. I have God-given gifts to be a problem solver, I want to learn, I love to take on different projects, and I enjoy making a difference. In my job, I have held many positions and overseen many types of projects/programs. In some cases, it has been seeing a need; fill a need - again, I like the challenge. This has allowed me to learn a lot of different things. Some things I am an expert; others, I probably know enough to be dangerous (ha). But overall, I pride myself in doing the best I can and I know I add value. At home, I’m a Mom! I cook, I clean, I decorate, I organize, I fix things that are broken, I mend clothes, I help fix broken hearts, I take care of animals, I grocery shop, I keep schedules, I do my best to make sure everyone has what they need, and on and on. Bottom line, I juggle it all to the best of my ability. Love being a Mom!

With all of that said, there are some days I do not feel appreciated. Does anyone else feel that way? Or am I alone? (Moms and Dads - I’ve met some great Dads over the past few years that handle more than the Moms in their family. Shout out to those Dads!)

Whether at work when I have completed a project and my boss dismisses it like it’s no big deal. Or I put your heart and soul into something and others get recognized for it. Or at home, you cater to your kids and do so much for them and they turn around and fuss about what you didn’t do. Does any of this resonate with you?

Let’s talk about appreciation. We often focus on what we do not receive, but what are we putting out there? I have been studying lately, and have come to the conclusion, I receive what I am sending out. Let me explain.

How often do you show appreciation to someone you care about? How often do you list all that you appreciate in your life? How often do you, with a genuine heart, tell someone how much you care about them or appreciate them? As I look at myself, I am not always good at this. I want to receive, but I don’t share that often.

The best way to change the negative in our lives is to change the way we think about the situation. For example, instead of being upset my boss has not acknowledged the ‘smart cookie’ that I am, maybe I should focus my appreciation on the opportunity I had to work on the project and to work with my coworkers to learn and teach what I know. Feeling appreciated is always wonderful, but who is setting the example for that?

I have started to test this theory in my life and I encourage you to do the same. In the morning when I wake up, even before getting out of bed, I smile and start saying things I appreciate in my life. A good night's sleep, my bed, my home, my health, my family, a good cup of coffee, my job that I have to get out of bed for, my favorite clothes that I have to wear, etc. Even if you are unsure if you truly appreciate something, start saying it. As you do this, you will start realizing how much good you have in your life.

Even better, as you start to share your appreciation of others with them, you will start to receive more in return. How cool is that!!

Focus on the good, drown out the bad. Reverse the negative-to-positive ratio in your everyday life. My family has gone through some struggles thus far in 2018, we could focus on the negative that has happened or we can be thankful and appreciate all the good. When you focus on the good, more will come.

iChoose to share the LOVE, share the appreciation I have for others with others. Tell one person in your world each day something you appreciate about them. Something small or something big, doesn’t matter.

Share your LOVE and APPRECIATION and see what is returned. Be the change in your world.

Sending peace, love and joy to you my friend!


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