How would you answer the question “Who are you?” Would you list who you are to everyone else, or do you know who you are? Would you list your accomplishments, or would you list your failures? Would you start with good qualities and end with, “But I’m not good at such and such”? Who are you?

At times, I have struggled with this. I would start with saying that I’m a mom and a divorced woman. I work at XYZ Company; maybe I would share my job title or the tasks in the role I fill, but that would be about it.

Is there no more to me than that? Really? And again, all of that is the role I play for other people, not who I am.

When I began this new part of my life and was trying to heal after my divorce, I had a friend ask me that same question, and when I couldn’t answer, she said, “Let’s start with listing your accomplishments.”

My first stab at that list was, “I’ve almost raised my kids.” That was about it. I couldn’t say I had a successful relationship; my kids were my only constant.