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Who Are Your Friends

When we think about friendships, our minds might drift to casual coffees, fun night outs, or shared laughs over a favorite Netflix series. But what about those moments that define our paths and passions?

Recently, we've talked about the importance of trusting our intuition. It's that gut feeling, the one that nudges us when we're about to take a leap. But just as essential is having the right people by your side when you’re ready to jump.

Have you ever been so excited about an idea, but by the end of a chat with a friend, felt utterly deflated? It's not necessarily about them being a naysayer, but perhaps they aren't the right 'cheerleader' for that particular dream.

Every dream, goal, or idea deserves its own special set of cheerleaders. These are the people who see the fire in your eyes and fan the flames, not douse them. They're the ones who encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, to dare you to reach higher.

So, the next time that brilliant idea strikes, pause and reflect: Who are the cheerleaders in your life? Because sometimes, it's not just about trusting your gut, but also about trusting your tribe.

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