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One of the top subjects across social media is self-care. Everyone is talking about it and how important it is.

So… what exactly is self-care?

SELF CARE, by definition, is the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's own health.

Easy, right? Some of my friend/clients have found it very difficult.

I’ve heard friend/client’s say “Self-care doesn’t do anything for me” or “I have tried doing things other people have suggested, but it’s just not working for me.”

The thing about self-care is, what is self-care to one person may not be the same for you!

Lean in, I want to tell you a secret…

Self-care is for each individual. We are all beautiful and unique in our own way. And self-care is just the same.

In order to develop a good self-care routine for yourself, it is important to know WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU LIKE/DISLIKE.

If you don’t know these things about yourself, self-care can be a struggle.

I worked with a friend/client who felt something was wrong with her because self-care was not working and what was relaxing and helpful to her energy/spirit was something that would stress most people out.

I have a great accomplishments worksheet you can download ( to help you determine what might be good to put on your self-care list. In this worksheet, you write the things in your life you are proud of or have accomplished. Typically, looking at that list will trigger things you may have forgotten you liked or made you feel good.

  • If you remember you like kickboxing while listening to AC/DC “back in the day,” that may be something to put on your self-care list.

  • If you remember you enjoy doing 5K events to support a cause or just for fun, then walking or jogging may be part of your self-care list.

  • If you remember you loved driving alone and listening to music, then scheduling weekly drives.

  • If you remember you used to love volunteering, then find a way to volunteer with an organization you are passionate about.

Give YOURSELF PERMISSION to take some time for you to preserve or improve your own health/spirit.

Each of us are created unique, which means our self-care list can be unique or different, customizing it to you.

Try to remember what brings you joy, peace, and contentment in your life. Start creating a list that is unique to you.

What is relaxing to one person may be the total opposite to another. Enjoy self-care your way!

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