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When you hear that, are you ready to share?

Or does it strike a fear of judgment?

Have you done something in your past you’re not ready to reveal?

We are all imperfect humans.

The thing is, we have all made mistakes. We have all made poor decisions that may have put us in a bad situation. Some decisions may have been bad, some ugly, and some were downright… “What in the hell was I thinking?”

Sharing our secrets with someone you love and trust is a form of healing. I’ve had many clients who have said ‘I’ve never shared this with anyone before.’ I love when they say that for two reasons. The first being they know they can trust me and my space is judgment free. And the second, I know they are going to find release and healing with sharing.

Most of us have heard the saying, “The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.”

Well, one of the first steps to letting go of your past is to be able to talk about it with someone you trust in a safe environment.

Find that someone in your life, and start the steps to letting go and healing from your past. And if you’re not sure you can talk to anyone in your circle, find a therapist or coach and start working on letting go of the baggage you have been carrying around.

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