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I am a full-time Health and Life Coach! I eat healthy every day. I exercise as I should. I meditate every day. I take care of myself in the same way that I coach my clients to do. I am a superhuman.

DISCLAIMER: None of the above statements are true!

Actually, only one is... I am a full-time health and life coach. :) But I am an imperfect human; not a superhuman.

I struggle with the same things my clients struggle with. I struggle with eating healthy every day. I struggle with exercising the way I want to.

I love to meditate, but I don’t do it as much as I would like to. And there are other things that I know should do to take care of myself, but I let other things distract me.

I am not a superhuman… I am an IMPERFECT HUMAN.

Each day we make choices in our lives and how we want to live. Even if we have the best plan laid out for the week for exercise and eating healthy, we make a choice each day whether or not to honor that.

For me, I can set things up and do great for a while. And then something interrupts my schedule, I get off track, and then struggle to restart. Why do I do that?

It is easier to stay stuck in your rut or to put yourself on the back burner feeling something else is more important. Maybe you feel you don’t have time to spend on you. Maybe you feel others should be higher on your priority list than yourself.

I encourage you to make a conscious decision each day to put yourself as a priority. Maybe you cannot do everything you want to do during that day for yourself. If not, what is the most important? If you only had you on the schedule, what would you want to do first?

Once you have that, make that a priority each day. Even if it is only a five minute meditation. Or maybe it is a five or 10-minute walk. Maybe you commit to eating a healthy lunch and build on that when changing your eating lifestyle..

If you are not used to putting yourself first, it's hard to change that habit. I tell my clients - you have to fill your cup first so you have something to give. If we continue to put ourselves on the back burner, we will get worn out by trying to give from an empty cup.

Take small steps each day to take care of yourself. Celebrate with a pat on the back or a smile in the mirror to say you did great that day. Show yourself grace if things didn’t go as planned and choose to keep trying!

Appreciate what you did!

If you are like me, it has taken many, many years to get to where you are. We cannot expect a change overnight. Stay strong. Have courage to change. And if you choose wrong during the day, know you can always choose again.

Don’t give up on yourself!

Sending you peace, love and joy, my friend! Sam

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