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I was flipping through a journal today and found this quote. “Never put your glow on low” by Dr. Sean Stephenson and it caught my eye.

When you think of this, what do you think it means?

I believe that each of us have our own special gifts that we are here to share while on this earth and in this life. Even those who may not know you have a special gift, I am here to tell you, YOU DO!

We are put on this earth with family, friends, and in community to help one another to navigate our lives. God did not make us all knowing, so we can't do this life alone!

Sorry if I ruffled some features with that comment. I know there are some humans who feel they are all knowing… I will not name names; you know who you are! AND if you are a parent of a teenager… well, they remind us that we are not all knowing and that they are! [ha]

The thing is, we all have our gifts and when we connect with other people and appreciate each other for the gifts they have, we bond and build relationships and balance each other out. Each relationship helps us navigate our lives and can give us strength when it is needed.

If you spend your time with the people who encourage you and appreciate your gifts, your light will glow brighter. And when your light glows brighter, you will tend to be happier and more fulfilled.

I encourage you not to put your GLOW on LOW! No matter what gift you have - listening, talking, encouragement, cooking or baking to serve others, understanding other people’s needs and being able to help them get connected to get what they need, mentoring - whatever it is, be proud of what you have. That is a God given gift and it was given to you to let it glow brightly.

Never put your glow on low! Let it shine brightly!

Sending peace, love and joy to you my friend! Sam

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