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Are you your biggest critic? Do you have days where you feel you do nothing right? Do you ever tell yourself “I don’t deserve that”? Does your mind ever run crazy giving you reasons why someone wouldn’t love you?

Do you know all that negative talk is holding you down?

If you are like me, you can answer yes to a few or even all the questions above. If you are like me, you know you need to change the negative talk in your head. If you are like me, you know you are a good person, you deserve love, and you want to change that negative chatter.

It is tough because you know there is no pill to take or food to eat or magic spell to say, that will stop these thoughts that bounce around in your head. So how do you change...

It is a daily commitment to yourself that will change those voices. You know you! You know who you want to be. God loves you no matter your past or present. And it is time to love yourself like God loves you.

Next question I asked was HOW do I do this? It is one thing to understand the problem, to acknowledge it, but then what?

Below are a few things you can do to help change your negative chatter.

  • Write yourself a note. Sounds silly, I know, but write the good things about you. This can be tough at first, but don’t think of you writing to yourself, write as if you are writing to a friend or loved one. What would you say?

    • Maybe… I like your hair or your eyes, I like your fingernails, your smile, you have a beautiful-loving heart, you are a kind soul, you are a good mother, you are a wonderful spouse or [girl / boy]-friend

    • NOTE: when you write this note, the negative chatter will start. Keep writing and ignore it. Don’t let it stop you from the kind words you need to hear.

  • Read your note. Now READ the note to yourself! Maybe this is a daily exercise or once a week. Make sure you read it and even add to it as you go along. It is nice to hear kind words from others and it is important to recognize the kindness and beauty within ourselves.

  • Love note on your mirror. Tape a note to your bathroom mirror that says ‘I love you’. If you are married, your spouse will think it is for them (extra bonus), but when you read it, know that note is for you and smile (even if you have to force a smile because you aren’t feeling it that day... SMILE!).

  • Forgive your thoughts. When I started the process to get rid of my negative thoughts, it was great for a little while, then the negative chatter started and I listened. It was easy to get caught up in it and I would get mad at myself because I wasn’t blocking it out. BUT one of the most important things to do is forgive the thought.

    • I forgive myself for getting caught by my negative thoughts. I release my negative energy, Lord, please fill me with positive light.

It would be great to wave a magic wand and change everything, but that is not reality. We will always have trials. We have to choose our path and do the work to stay on it. As you get into this practice, it gets easier to shake off the negative, but like everything we do, it takes practice.

Commit to this exercise program. Be kind to yourself. Release the negative that is holding you down and show yourself LOVE every day. You deserve that love. You are worthy. iChoose Love!

Sending peace, love and joy to you my friend. Sam

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