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What exactly does this mean? Let Go and Let God? How do you do this?

I have said this often over the years, I will let go and let God, but what exactly am I letting go of? I do not have something that is physically in my hands. And ‘Let God’... let God what?

We coin phrases that we plug into our lives to help us cope or process through a tough or trying time, but do we stop to understand what they mean to us? I have thought about this phrase a lot lately and what it truly means to me.

Many times that I have used this phrase, I have been struggling with something; a breakup, parenting struggles, health issues for myself or others. But even today, I find myself using this for good things in my life. New beginnings, new opportunities, new adventures, in other words, the good stuff too.

So, I had to stop and think what all of these things had in common; negative or positive, what is it that I am letting go? The answer is FEAR. Everything on my list has fear in common.

  • Breakup: fear of the hurt and not being able to love again

  • Parenting: fear of messing up your child or fear that you will not be able to protect them

  • Health: fear of suffering for yourself or others; fear of dying

  • New Beginning: fear of what the future holds: good or bad

  • New Opportunities: fear of making the right choice

  • New Adventures: fear of how this might change you, your life, or the lives of those around you

That’s a lot of fear. Sometimes we hold onto that fear like it is a security blanket. Thinking it keeps us grounded, thinking it protects us, keeps us safe, but it actually holds us back from living a happy and fulfilling life.

Let God… let God guide you. Trust that God is with you and will walk with you or carry you through. God wants you to be happy, God wants you to enjoy your life on this earth, God wants you to love others and to receive love. God wants this for all of us!

The next time that phrase “Let Go & Let God” pops in your head, ask yourself what fear are you holding onto that you need to let go?

  • Open your heart to a new love or friendship; don’t be afraid of it. Pray for God to guide you. If it is good and right, it will flourish; if not, it will have obstacles. Follow love, not fear.

  • Pray over the decision you make for your children. Pray that their hearts are open to God’s love and not holding on to fear.

  • Ask God to help you release your fear over your health or a loved ones. Pray for peace in your heart and that God provides the right doctors, medicines, people in your or their lives to find the answers for healing.

  • For the NEW beginnings, opportunities, and adventures, YOU DESERVE THEM! No matter who you have been, what you have done, what your life has been up to this point, let go of the fear that it is ‘too good to be true’ or that you are not worthy, and just take that leap of faith. Trust that what happens, happens for a reason - good or bad, you either need to learn from it or just enjoy it.

Let go of the fear, it is not a security blanket, it is not there to help you, but only to hold you back. And let God lead you. Know that if negative thoughts are consuming you, it is your fear trying to hold you back, hold you down. But as you fight back, you will get stronger, fear will get weaker, and you will be able to release it easier. It is a practice, so don’t give up, keep at it and stay strong.

Release the fear, let go of the negativity, and welcome the joy, love, and peace that you deserve. Are you ready to Let Go & Let God?

Sending peace, love and joy to you my friend. Sam

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