What exactly does this mean? Let Go and Let God? How do you do this?

I have said this often over the years, I will let go and let God, but what exactly am I letting go of? I do not have something that is physically in my hands. And ‘Let God’... let God what?

We coin phrases that we plug into our lives to help us cope or process through a tough or trying time, but do we stop to understand what they mean to us? I have thought about this phrase a lot lately and what it truly means to me.

Many times that I have used this phrase, I have been struggling with something; a breakup, parenting struggles, health issues for myself or others. But even today, I find myself using this for good things in my life. New beginnings, new opportunities, new adventures, in other words, the good stuff too.

So, I had to stop and think what all of these things had in common; negative or positive, what is it that I am letting go? The answer is FEAR. Everything on my list has fear in common.

  • Breakup: fear of the hurt and not being able to love again

  • Parenting: fear of messing up your child or fear that you will not be able to protect them