Updated: Mar 26

As I was working on a project for a friend, I emailed with the subject line - FOR APPROVAL. This got me thinking, how many times do we look to others for approval?

When I was married, I remember feeling alone. It is interesting that you can be in a home filled with people or a crowd and still feel alone. There were times throughout my marriage that I did not feel love… not only by my spouse, but also by my children.

Another thing, I didn’t feel appreciated or seen by those in my home. I didn’t feel appreciated or seen at work. I was looking towards others to show me appreciation, and I was not receiving it.

I’ve realized I was looking outside myself first for approval verses starting within. We have been taught to give to others, love others, encourage others, and to put others first. With this, we seek the same in return.

What happens when we do not receive that? We feel unworthy, we feel unimportant; we feel unloved, and we feel invisible. We look to other people to validate those feelings for us, and when it does not happen; we feel alone.