Do you ever feel the urge to say or do something kind for another person, but you don’t? Do you talk yourself out of it by saying it’s silly or I don’t have time? What would happen if you spoke up or took action?

Sometimes it’s hard to speak up because our “bubble” brain holds us back. What is our bubble brain? It’s the part of the brain that tries to protect us and keep us safe, even when something is not scary. It’s not bad, instead it’s something trying to protect us. Keeping us in the bubble of safety.

But our bubble brain can hold us back from some wonderful things when we think of saying or doing something out of our norm. It might say “wait, something bad might happen if you say or do that”... Or someone might think you’re dumb... Or someone might judge you. Whatever it is, in that split second, your bubble brain can take a great idea and talk you out of it.

Because of the thoughts from our bubble brain, we might not step out with kindness when we need to. Have you ever had someone say or do something for you that changed your day? Maybe even something that changed your life? An act of kindness or words that just helped brighten your day or put something into perspective that was needed.