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There is darkness in this world that wants to hold us down. Each day is a choice and sometimes a battle. You choose to fight; you choose to get out of bed; you choose your attitude and you choose to start your day listening to something that brings you peace or something that brings you down. Sometimes it is difficult to choose happiness or to be a light in a world that has a lot of darkness. But I encourage you to try again. Listen to that voice of hope saying yes, you can make a difference in somebody’s day; you can be a light. Don’t let the darkness consume you. Make a choice each day to shine your light as bright as you can. And even on those days where it seems impossible, try again. Remind yourself of the goodness, the blessings, and the light that is in your world. Focus on that to brighten the darkness. The choice is yours. #ichooselove #healfirstcoaching #healfirst #divorcelife #singlewomen #divorcecoach #divorcecaochingforwomen #iamstrong #iamloved #itsallgood #sayyestoyourself

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