I do with all my heart!

This past week, a friend was in a car accident. Someone crossed into her lane and hit her head on. It crushed the front of the car so bad, that the driver side wheel was in her lap. No joke, the wheel and axle were pushed into the driver's seat, completely destroyed the car. The first responders had to cut off the driver side, not just her door, but the side of the car to get her out.

As the conversations started that evening, as we were trying to figure out what happened, everyone’s hearts were heavy. We saw a picture or two of the car and worried what the evening and future would hold.

Everyone started asking for prayers. Praying she will recover, she will survive. It was very scary and hard not to prepare for the worst.

But… several hours later, they released her from the hospital with bruising and a warning of a possible concussion… THAT WAS A MIRACLE!