I struggled with the topic for this week. I started another post, but it just didn’t feel right. My daughter started asking me questions about what I was writing. I shared and told her it just didn’t feel right. She asked a few more questions and said ‘sounds like contentment.’ I love when your children help you get to your aha moment.

con·tent·ment kənˈtentmənt/ noun -- a state of happiness and satisfaction.

How wonderful does that sound? A state of happiness! I hope everyone can say they experience this state in their lives and my hope is that you strive for it every day. I wish I could say this is something that just comes naturally to everyone, I know this is not true. For some, it seems easier to find than other people, but it is something that is in everyone's reach.

How often during your day do you say ‘I didn’t get enough done’ or ‘I wish I would have done X’ or that you ‘do, do, do’ and never leave time to acknowledge the good or find the happy in your day?

When I think of contentment, it reminds me of my first trip out of the United States. We went to San Salvador with the church I was attending at the time. This was for a missions trip where we were helping to dig footers for a new church they were building on this campus.