Our daily lives are filled with noise and distraction.

We have TV, radio, notifications from every app on our phones, text messages, and emails - just to name a few.

We are constantly challenged to know everything that is happening in our lives, with our family and in the world. And trying to keep up can be exhausting.

I remember a day when I did not have a cell phone [when I was young, I couldn’t imagine the day when I would say statements like that - haha]. And now, if I walk out of the house without it, I will turn around and go back inside to make sure I get it.

The thought of being disconnected from my children and family is not an option… or is it?

When I was a teenager, my mother could not track my location. She could not text me. She could not track my social media feed to see what is happening in my life and with my friends. Back then, all you could do was call from a landline phone that was shared with every member of the family. And you had to have conversations to get the scoop on what is happening in one’s life.