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In life, there are times we have to let go of something we love because it’s hurting us.

Have you ever had to let go of something you loved because it wasn’t good for you?

I know I have. And I am still trying to do this today.

We could talk about habits, about relationships or any other things in your life that are not good for you.

It is hard when you love and care about something or someone to let it/them go. It is important for our health, our sanity, our overall well-being, to let go of stuff that is not good for us.

Did you know chronic stress can cause many illnesses? It can cause weight gain, can drain our energy, can cause migraine and fatigue. If we let it, it can control our lives.

I am paying more attention to my body. And to listen to what it is telling me when I am stressed. I want to know and understand why I feel stressed so I can reconnect to peace instead.

Maybe you are one to say, but I love being in control. Knowing the only thing you can control is yourself. Trying to control everything outside of that can cause stress and anxiety. Which can create a stronger need to control. Which can create illness. And then there is a stronger need to control illness. Which causes more stress and anxiety.

It is all a vicious cycle until you choose to stop and get off that merry-go-round.

Sometimes it’s letting go or stepping back from something or someone we love in order to take care of ourselves. Did you think maybe when you struggle or come across obstacles it is because God is trying to tell you don’t go there?

I feel he has spoken to me over the years but for a long time I didn’t listen. I have now started being aware to understand what my body is telling me or what the obstacles mean.

Listen to your heart and your body to understand what it is telling me. Find the things that bring you joy and give you energy to them and stop doing the things that take your joy. Life is full of choices… what do you choose?

Sending you peace, love and joy, my friend. Sam.

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