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Today I want to talk about and want you to know YOU ARE ENOUGH!

I remember a time when I hit rock bottom. A time where I felt I lost. I would imagine most of us have found or will find ourselves in this spot at least once in our lives. Everyone copes with things differently, but we all have those ‘wake-up calls’ in our lives.

When you hit rock bottom, feelings come in that can be overwhelming. Feeling of am I worthy, can I handle this, am I alone, I don’t know where to begin. Unfortunately, these feelings are normal and all too real for most of us, but I’m here to tell you… You are WORTHY! You CAN handle this! You are NOT alone! And you WILL find your path to begin your healing and move forward.

I know there are people out there who are sitting on the bottom. Struggling with where to go or the next move. Feeling that the world is stacked against you and you don’t see you have it in you to get to a better place, a happy place. If you there, please keep reading.

My message to you today is YOU ARE ENOUGH! Enough to get up, enough to brush yourself off, enough to learn from what has happened, and enough to begin again. I came across this quote and thought it fit for today.

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending” -- C. S. Lewis

What happens to us in life, is yet another piece in building our character, making us who we need to be. We can’t change the past. We can only learn from it and work towards a better future.

Just know, that ‘rock bottom’ you are sitting on, is solid ground for you to stand and begin to move.

I wish I was standing with those of you who are in this place, who have been there recently, or those who feel you are falling. I wish I could look into your eyes and tell you... “It will be all right,” “You will make it through,” “You are strong enough to do this,” and “You are not alone.”

God will walk beside you and he will put people in your life that will help. These may be people you already know or maybe a stranger, but He will work through this with you. You need to have faith that what you need, will come to you.

I want to repeat this, you DO NOT have to do this alone. We are all in this together. Find someone you trust to help you though. Being the independent girl I am, I have been humbled many times by the loving people God puts before me, showing me we can be stronger together. If you do not feel there is anyone in your life that fits this description, trust that God will put someone in your life to help you. Trust in him!

Another thing that helped me move forward, I encourage you to find a place of peace. As I went through my first divorce, I found myself in a church sanctuary all alone one day. It was the middle of the week, the church was empty except office staff, and in this place I found peace. I didn’t find all the answers, but I found quiet in this noisy world and started the small steps to my new beginning.

It takes things to fall apart at times, to wake us up to better things. Don’t focus on what is ending, but be encouraged by the new beginning. This can be scary, overwhelming, and/or disheartening, but don’t let those negative thoughts hold you down. I know this is easier said than done, but YOU CAN do this!

This message is for you who are hurting. Please believe, YOU ARE ENOUGH and there is a lot of love for you in this world! Lean on those who love you, don’t feel you have to do this alone. If you need to talk and aren’t sure who to call, send me a message (, let me help you get started.

You are AMAZING! You are WORTHY! You are ENOUGH! And you DESERVE the LOVE God has for you. Stand up, brush yourself off, and start your new beginning, knowing you are NOT alone!

Sending PEACE, LOVE, and JOY to you my FRIEND!! Sam

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