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There is a lot of crazy in this world. Each day there seems to be a new story of a bombing, school shootings, or an innocent person died from another person's negligent actions. It can be very difficult to make sense of it all and it breaks my heart.

You cannot control another, but some days I wish I could. It would be great to help protect the weak or to stop someone from hurting another just by saying ‘Don’t do that!’ But we each have free will and some people's minds just spiral out of control. Whether the higher power you believe in is the universe, spirit, God, trust, consciousness or another, we all need to pray for healing of the people in our world.

So, today I challenge you! What do you CHOOSE?

  • iChoose FAITH: Make a choice to pray to your higher power each day to provide healing and protection to those in need.

  • iChoose JOY or HAPPY: Make a commitment to let your happiest shine for all to see. Do your best to bring ‘happy’ and ‘joy’ to those around you; family, friends, coworkers, and even strangers. Make it your mission to make someone smile.

  • iChoose LOVE: Look at others through the eyes of love. Show people love and compassion even if others say they do not deserve it.

  • iChoose HOPE: Generate hope in your world. Set goals for a better future, cultivate the path of how you want to achieve it, and develop the ‘I can do this’ attitude. Do your part to make change for the better in your world.

  • iChoose PEACE: Make it a mission to encourage peace. Stop the drama! Help those around you see that fighting, holding resentment, and/or having anger towards another is disturbing the peace within their soul. In most cases, it is only hurting the one that holds these feelings. Encourage them to deal with it, let it go.

  • iChoose KINDNESS: This can be a fun one. Show kindness to others. Don’t think about it, just do random acts of kindness. Do this once a day, once a week, make a commitment and hold yourself to it. It doesn’t have to cost money, it can be a note, helping someone by holding the door, taking a moment to say hello - how are you doing… and listen with your full attention to the answer.

Have you ever known someone that can walk into a room and their smile or personality just lights up the room. I know a few people like this and I love being around them. They make me smile and just feel good. Not that they are doing anything special, that is just part of them.

If each of us try to do our part and CHOOSE what fits with who we are, that even the little part we touch day-to-day, will create and inspire change.

Join me in creating the ripple effect. Choose one of the above and make a commitment to use that daily to create change in your everyday world… and to share a secret... doing this for others, will create positive change in you too! It feels good.

The picture attached to this post is me wearing a shirt I designed. I have created a t-shirt line with saying “iChoose FAITH / HAPPY / LOVE / HOPE / JOY / PEACE / KINDNESS.” I want to create a movement for others to bring light into the darkness of our world.

Whether or not you buy a shirt, it doesn’t matter, just make the commitment! Join me in being part of the change that our world needs.

~ iChoose FAITH ~ iChoose HAPPY ~ iChoose LOVE ~ iChoose HOPE ~ ~ iChoose JOY ~ iChoose PEACE ~ iChoose KINDNESS ~ What do you choose?

Sending peace, love and joy to you my friends. Sam

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