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At age 51, I wore my first wedding dress!

Life is about choices. We can choose what to eat and where to eat. We can choose what to spend our money on or to save it. We can choose to exercise or not. We can choose how to dress and how to wear our hair.

Each day we wake up and get out of bed; just by doing that we make a choice.

Over the past few years, I made a choice to no longer live as a victim. I made a choice to try to see the good in this world as much as I can.

I made a choice to forgive myself and others for the past.

I made a choice to be kind to myself and others.

I made a choice to take charge of my life, find my strength, and control the one thing in life I can… ME!

It took some time to get to know me and learn to love me, but I made that choice!

So on October 9, I married a man who loves me, supports me, and is willing to stand by me and work with me through any of the crazy that comes up in life.

You may ask me what is different this time? The difference is ME.

I know who I am. I know what I want in life. I see me. I love me. I am kind to me. And with that, I attracted a person who sees and treats me in the same light.

So… at 51 years old… I wore the dress for ME… and he loved it.

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