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In 2020, many of us were sent home to work. During that year, we spent more time with family and grew closer in a whole new way.

Then things started opening up in 2021. Kids are back at school, people are traveling and vacationing again, businesses are opening their doors again so employees can come back to the office, and life is looking a little more normal.

And before we knew it, it was Thanksgiving. I felt the holidays were a little different this year. But sometimes, it seemed the same.

In 2020, we did not meet together as a family for our normal holiday. In 2021, we could gather as normal.

My question for you today is — Did you survive the holidays or savor them?

Were your holidays back to the crazy hustle and bustle to the extent that you felt you “survived” them? Or were you able to slow down and savor the moments you spent with your loved ones and focus on time together?

Which would you say? Survived or savored? And what will you do differently in 2022?

Sending you peace, love and joy, my friend. Sam

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