Meet Dick and Bonnie, a.k.a. Grandpa and Grandma to me.

Grandpa passed away 2 years ago at age 94 and Grandma is still with us, but will only be for a few more days. This week, I need to talk about them.

As our family goes through this time, I realize more and more how many people I love. And, how many wonderful people God has blessed me with. You see, I was not born into this part of my family. My grandparents' oldest daughter is who I call my God-given Mom. She started raising me when I was five and never let go.

With this God-Mom, I inherited Dick and Bonnie as my grandparents. These two loved me like I was their own. I remember going to their cottage and playing in the leaves in their yard during the fall, not raking them, just playing in them, and fishing in the river that ran by their place. I remember family reunions where Grandpa would sit in his chair as family members came to talk to him, but Grandma was the social butterfly and had to make her rounds to talk and laugh with everyone.

I was very fortunate that when my girls were little, they went to Grandma and Grandpa’s after school for them to spoil my kids until I got home from work. So many good memories, I could go on for hours…