In speaking with a friend of mine, we were discussing some home renovations. She was talking about removing wallpaper that had been up for 30 years. She shared that as they were removing, some areas came off smooth and other areas left marks on the walls, peeling off small chunks of the drywall in cases.

It has become quite a project. They have the wallpaper removed, but now they are working to restore the wall to a smooth surface. Patching each and every hole; taking time to spackle and sand to fix the imperfections in the wall from removing the wallpaper.

This reminded us of our lives. We go through life, and to strangers, we may look like we have it all together, but below that outer surface, we have marks and sometimes holes in our lives.

If we let them, the marks and holes can take away the beauty in our lives or keep us from true joy and peace. It is important to fix those marks or holes and not carry them as baggage through your life.

Now, sometimes, the marks in our lives were not made by us. Maybe they were made by someone who hurt you, whether or not they intended to. There have been a few marks I found I had, and I didn’t even realize they were there.