As 2019 ends, how do you feel? Was 2019 a good year, bad year or a “just okay” year?

Some people are ready to start the new year; close 2019, let go of what happened and start with a clean slate.

Other people had a good year, they are excited about accomplishments, maybe a marriage or new addition to their family. They are celebrating all that happened.

And then there are those in the middle. They had some good times and some struggles, but overall, it was okay. Nothing much to complain about.

For me, the year started rough. There were many ups and downs throughout the year, but overall, I feel good about 2019. And during the final days, we are encouraged to look at the “decade in review” and to make our new year’s resolutions.

Unfortunately, “New Year’s Resolutions” is almost a bad thing any more. Not that it is bad to have resolutions, but the reputation of a New Year’s Resolution isn’t