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As 2019 ends, how do you feel? Was 2019 a good year, bad year or a “just okay” year?

Some people are ready to start the new year; close 2019, let go of what happened and start with a clean slate.

Other people had a good year, they are excited about accomplishments, maybe a marriage or new addition to their family. They are celebrating all that happened.

And then there are those in the middle. They had some good times and some struggles, but overall, it was okay. Nothing much to complain about.

For me, the year started rough. There were many ups and downs throughout the year, but overall, I feel good about 2019. And during the final days, we are encouraged to look at the “decade in review” and to make our new year’s resolutions.

Unfortunately, “New Year’s Resolutions” is almost a bad thing any more. Not that it is bad to have resolutions, but the reputation of a New Year’s Resolution isn’t good.

The reputation of a resolution for most people is that they will set it, do good for a while, but then stop it or fall back into bad habits. Those who frequent a gym with regular exercise, may dread this next month or two because the gym will be crowded, but they know there is light at the end of the tunnel. They know people will fall of the “resolution” wagon and their gym time will get back to normal.

I have been there! Not the frequent gym goer, but the Resolution Band-wagon person. It is exciting to start a new year and feel you can do anything. Have great intentions to take control of your health or your relationships or your work; whichever area of your life that you feel is not on track.

And it also feels horrible when you stop working towards your goals and just let them fall to the side. We let life get in the way and give our control away to other people, our significant other, our kids, our jobs and/or our friends. Sometimes it feels easier to fall back into old habits and release our control. But that hurts us more.

This year (now through 2020), I am on a mission! I have a new path in life and that is to help as many people as I can, find their healing journey and to create the life they want. And I am excited about it!!

Earlier this year, I published my first book Heal First, Love Second. I wrote this book to be a tool to help people find their path to healing and love for self.

The next step for me was to go back to school to complete my Health & Life Coach certification. Some may ask what is a Health & Life coach… it is someone who will help you build a healthy lifestyle, relieve stress in your life, and create positive habits so you may align with how you want to feel every day.

  • Do you want to set resolutions for your life and accomplish them?

  • Do you want to feel supported and not feel alone?

  • Do you want to achieve the goals in your life that you never dreamed were possible?

  • Do you want to solve your problems by loosening their grip on you?

  • Do you want to slow down to enjoy life?

If you answered yes to one of these or all of these, click the link below to sign up for my weekly newsletter. I will share free tips, challenges and insight on how to take control yourself and your journey to the life you desire.

Also, over the next few months, I will launch free courses and giving away free books that help and inspire; not only my book, but a few of my favorites that helped me.

By sharing your first name and email, know that I do not plan to flood your inbox. I will only contact you once a week and you can unsubscribe any time. I just want to help and share what I have been blessed with and have learned.

God never promised us a life free of challenges and he gave us free-will to choose how we want to live. Sometimes we let temptation derail us; and it can be very subtle and we don’t see we are changing for the worst.

But God wants us to have a happy and healthy life. I know I deserve that life. I know you deserve that life! This is the year to reach for it and get back on track. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Small changes can move the needle and redirect your life. Let’s do this together.

Share your email in the comments section below. This is your year! I am very excited for you!

Sending you peace, love and joy my friend! Sam

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